ABHF Ambassador Program

Do you love AB Home Fitness Products? Share it to your followers and earn 8% for every successful sale made! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are eligible to be AB Home Fitness (ABHF) Ambassadors?
People who are into fitness as seen in their public social media accounts. ABHF has the sole discretion on the selection of their ambassadors.
2. What are the benefits?
  • Personal lifetime FREE SHIPPING on your orders
  • Personal 8% REBATES on all ABHF products
  • Personal Promotional Code you can share to your followers (so they'll get discounts too!)
  • 8% EARNINGS for every referral made (Imagine putting your special link or promo code once on your Youtube, Instagram or FB page and earning monthly from that--passive income for you!)
  • Monthly PR gifts from ABHF depending on the monthly criteria set by the company
3. How do you track orders that I referred?
We will give you a unique referral link and a special discount code that you can share to your followers. You can use either the unique link or the special discount code (P150 off)! Please note that discount codes are not stackable.
4. How do I know if someone used my special code?
We will send you an email notification. You will also have a dashboard where you can see all your referrals. Please take note that you will only see orders that were successfully paid & delivered.
5. What items are included?
Everything in the website is included!
6. When and how do you pay commissions?
We pay via GCash every 10th of the month for orders that were successfully paid & delivered on the previous month.
7. Do I need to do inventory and packing of the items?
No need! We will do that for you, just make sure that your referral orders through our website using either your link OR your promo code. You can also input them manually on our site to be sure.
8. How much can I earn?
Earn as much as you can! Get 8% for every successful sale. 
9. What if they ordered via your Facebook Messenger?
You will NOT earn from that sale. Make sure that they order via abhomefitness.com using your referral link OR your promo code. 
10. What if they clicked my link, closed it and bought some other time?
If they come back to the website within 30 days, you will still have that order! We have a 30 days cookie duration. Even if they don't use your promo code, you'll still get the sale!
11. What marketing collaterals can I use?
You can copy and paste pictures from our site. However, we suggest to take pictures on your own.
12. Can I contact customers posting on your ads?
This is a very big NO NO! If we found that you have been contacting customers on our ads, you will be permanently banned and all your commissions will be held.
13. How do I track orders?
We will email you every time a customer orders and has been paid already. Likewise, we will text and/or the customer if their order has been confirmed, has been picked-up and if it is already for delivery to their doorstep.
14. How do I know if I am chosen as an ambassador?
You will receive a confirmation email about your application. If you have not received a confirmation for more than 7 days, it means that your application was denied.
15. Why do I want to partner with AB Home Fitness?
Its because we offer high-quality items (check out difference with other bands HERE) and we are extremely customer centric (check our reviews HERE). 
16. What are the specific terms and conditions?
It will show when you click the sign-up button below.